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I think it depends which bag you want more! I love Speedys but if you are dying for the Eva, I'd sell the Speedy. You can always use the Totally or your Alma in the meantime and save up for another Speedy later on. I love accessories too and use mine every day.It all depends which ones you use often. LV


God! To me it looks fake but there is a thread on here that you can have then authenticate it. They will probably need more pics but it doesnt look good to me. louis vuitton wallet


does anyone know the price range for them? louis vuitton wallet

,Congrats! I definitely want a Damier Speedy 35 to add to my collection... =] louis vuitton wallet,

What a beautiful bag! LV


Wow, that's kind of different but nice looking........congrats!!!! louis vuitton wallet

I need some Epi Electric in my life! louis vuitton bags

I use Toiletry Pouch 19, the size is just great for what I carry! It's so versatile, can be used as a cosmetic pouch or a evening clutch. It fits an Elise wallet, Blackberry, a pack of tissue, car and house keys, lipstick and if I remove the tissue pack, a camera too! louis vuitton outlet